Trademarks and Craft Brewing: A Changing Landscape

By Charles S. Blumenfield, Cobby J. Shereff August 18, 2016 Posted in Blog Post

In today’s marketplace, “craft” products abound and “artisanal” goods reign supreme. In no industry is this shift in consumer psyche more apparent than beer. Consumers are eager to try the...

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USPTO Files Petition for Supreme Court Review in THE SLANTS case

By Charles S. Blumenfield, Cobby J. Shereff April 25, 2016 Posted in Blog Post

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has now formally filed a petition seeking Supreme Court review of In re Tam, 117 USPQ2d 1001 (Fed. Cir. 2016). The subject of the appeal is a decision which found...

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Federal Circuit Finds Disparagement Provision of Lanham Act Unconstitutional

By Jane E. Howard January 5, 2016 Posted in Blog Post

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has ruled that the section of the Lanham Act (the statute governing trademarks) which prevents registration of “disparaging” trademarks is...

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Who Owns Your Website? The Importance of Copyright Transfer Agreements

November 19, 2015 Posted in Blog Post

Copyright is initially owned by the creator of the work, barring several specific exceptions. While the premise seems simple enough, this principle is often overlooked or misunderstood in the context...

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DRONES, GPS & HIPAA: Attorney Charles Blumenfield Presents on Privacy Law

By Attorney Charles S. Blumenfield October 22, 2015 Posted in Blog Post

Attorney Charles Blumenfield led a group presentation regarding emerging issues in privacy law, entitled "Traps for the Unwary: A Privacy Law Primer".

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New Top Level Domains Announced

June 1, 2012 Posted in Blog Post

ICANN, the non-profit entity in charge of internet addresses, recently announced the list of proposed new top level domain names.  Google, McDonald’s, Toyota and others secured their branded domain...

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Recovery of Medical Expenses

May 1, 2012 Posted in Blog Post

The Wisconsin Supreme Court, in Orlowski v. State Farm Mutual Auto. Ins. Co., 2012 WI 12, recently held that people hurt in auto collisions can recover all of their medical expenses incurred, even...

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The Castle Doctrine

April 1, 2012 Posted in Blog Post

The recently enacted Castle Doctrine defines “a person’s right to use deadly or substantial force against someone who unlawfully and forcibly” enters their home, vehicle or business.

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